Applied Computer Science

Program Description

The Bachelor of Arts in Applied Computer Science (BA-ACS) is an innovative and interdisciplinary degree program. New in 2014, the BA-ACS complements our BS Computer Science, and both programs can lead into the MS Computer Science. The BA-ACS provides a broad multi-discipline educational experience, with required courses in Applied Computer Science, Information Systems, Software Engineering, Computer Science, CS Education, Foreign Languages, and an interdisciplinary minor. The BA program combines traditional computer science theory with application examples and hands-on used by industry. The BA targets emerging fields within computer science including those spanning other disciplines. Coursework includes Web Development, Social Media, Database, Game Design, Linux OS, Mobile Computing, Data Warehousing, Cloud Computing, Data Mining, and Robotics. The BA can integrate with many other disciplines through the required minor. With a wide range of electives and a foreign language the program of study expands the student’s outlook while allowing students to investigate the overlap and synergies between the minor discipline and computer science.

For more information regarding this program please visit the College of Computing and Software Engineering website.